Paradise Falls #1: Holiday Special

Greetings from Paradise Falls! My second hood that I started up with 4 sims would like to share their late-celebration with you ^_^

I started this hood in Nov 2012, but I took a whole year hiatus in 2013. I finished college and now I'm able to get back to playing :D. I miss the community and I'm sure a lot has changed in a year (I'm not sure if simmer-LJs is that active now? but oh well, I'm still posting for safekeep) Hope everyone had a great new years and I can't wait to see what cool CC I've missed.
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Mai first Sim Secret :D + Small Update


I've obtained my first sim secret today, and I couldn't be happier! It was a pleasant surprised, since I haven't been active the last few months. Thank you so much, SS maker, for making my day :D I'm glad you enjoy my stories!

I'll also use this time to update everyone that I'm still alive! lol. I've been really busy for school this semester, and TS2 has been pushed to the back of my priorities :(. I try to download new stuff here and there when I can, and only run the game occasionally to check out the new shinies. I miss playing though! I also don't nearly comment on other simmer's stuff as much as I use to/want to, so I feel guilty for that too :( So I'll say thank you now for all those downloads I had to grab & run, and for future downloads too!! Hopefully I get a chance to give back during winter break! I love this community x)

Driftwood #16: Love in the Air!

If you're feeling down or you're bothered by recent mistakes, you should know...there is someone out there in the world, that has gently placed a perfectly good slice of pizza on a deserted pavement, waiting to be wasted.

Here's a bunch of recent update of my hood: lots of couples sharing love, more of Ben Long's quads, sims standing nicely together, and embarrassing grandparents.

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Users/Sites for House Downloads?

I need more homes for my current generation. Can anyone link creators for house downloads, like here on LJ, DW, or any other sites? (besides MTS, I'm checking there now)
The only LJ users I can think of on the top of my head is selenaq13's and allisas' :P

Edit: Also if you make houses yourself, let me know! I'm house shopping!